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Château HAUT NIVELLE is a property build on tradition and maintained with the most modern of winemaking equipment. In 1986, la Pottier family decided to continue what Haut Nivelle’s first owner had started. They therefore replanted the vineyards which today include 31.50 hectares of Merlot (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) and Cabernet Franc (10%).

WINEMAKING CELLARS : There are ten 250 hl temperature controlled rotary fermenters. Red wines are fermented between 3 to 5 weeks using micro-oxygenation to soften the wine. The rose wines are macerated for a few hours – just enough time to bring out the colour. They are then vinified at low temperature to maintain fruit and freshness.


TAGEING CELLARS : The red wines are put in Epoxy lined 2000 hl cement vats built under ground where they are kept for several months after fermentation to begin the ageing process before they are bottled.


THE BARREL CELLARS : The barrels are housed in the original cellars of the property. These have been restored and hold upto 200 oak barrels. Our best reds are aged here for 12 months before being bottled under the Château’s Prestige label.


THE BOTTLING LINE : This purpose-built room is controlled to maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire year as the bottled wines are stored here before being shipped. The capacity for storage is 100,000 bottles.


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